The Myth of the Liminal
Old- Growth

We are in need of new mythologies. In times of post-pandemic, war and climate catastrophe, new forms of narration based on tenderness and carrying, equality and intimacy are needed more than ever. We need to further develop storytelling of the unheard voices, addressing their neglected lives and experiences. Sci-fi digital mythology may navigate not only through the rapidly evolving technological landscape but also through changing social, political and ecological conditions. It invites us to imagine a new world in which we would actually like to spend our future.

The Myth of the Liminal Old-Growth is a mythical forest, a liminal zone of transition between life and death. A digital habitat for spirits and ghosts- inspired by slavic, pre-christian beliefs and mythological stories of Perun and Veles and a nonfictional narrative based on documentary footage and testimonies. It consists of 3D scans taken in various, intentionally selected places in Poland (Old Growth close to Polish–Belarusian Border) and Japan (Aokigahara and Yakushima), enriched with imaginary 3D models and textures.
Joanna Zabielska

Soundscape: Zosia Hołubowska
Butoh Performance: Kana Kitty
Text: Khalil Gibran, Leszek Kołakowski. Wisława                              Szymborska

VR installation 
three- channel video

 supported by:
Improper Walls