The world of Ze_R0!Ayns

In the fictional world of ze_R0!Ayns, five characters inhabit the year 2084. Following an environmental catastrophe originating in the 2020s, only 20 percent of the Earth is habitable.
ze_R0!Ayns explores the quest for a utopian society and poses the question of how we want to live together. It's an artistic research project involving 31 artists and creatives, led by a core team of 15, envisioning dis/utopian future scenarios in a heterogeneous society. They propose alternatives for communal living that address the inequalities of our present day.
Artistic Director: Sheri Avraham
AR: Joanna Zabielska and Martina Moro

Performers: Nouk Baudrot, Faris Cuchi Gezahegn, Sarah Glück, Anna Menecia Antenete Hambira, Mbatji Hambira 

Team: Lara Bellon, Theodor Moises
Mask design: Galo Moncayo-Asan
Director assistant: Kim Groneweg
Social media: Gabriel Moncayo-Asan
Production: Ipek Hamzaoğlu, Oliver Mathias Kratochwill

Fotos: Naa Teki Lebar

visual art
augmented reality

supported by:
CLUB Havera in collaboration with D/Arts – Projektbüro für Diversität und urbanen Dialog