Land ohne Land

delves into the narrative of two siblings from the Romani community navigating the complex realms of political struggle. The storyline unfolds as they embark on a journey to obtain Austrian citizenship, only to find themselves entangled in the bureaucratic web of exclusion and violence upon reaching Serbia to renounce their previous citizenship.
The play takes an unexpected turn by introducing the concept of "Romaverse," a Metaverse world designed to be a digital representation of the country the Roma people have never had. This visionary proposal offers a space for political participation, cultural exchange, and the archival of a rich heritage.
Director: Simonida Selimović
Visual Art: Joanna Zabielska

Dramaturgy: Elif Bilici
Stage Design: Eleni Palles
Assistant Director: Vitória Monteiro
Music: Stefanny Leandro Aguilar
Performers: Valentina Eminova, Franziska Adensamer,
                        Sebastian Malfer
Cast Video: Dominic Moldovan , Samuel Rosegger,
                        Radica Savić.

Videos and Fotos: Laura Moldovan

theater play 
visual art
virtual reality

supported by:
Dschungle Theater