what do we have in common ? 


To shortly introduce myself, I am working on the intersection of art, design, architecture and urban planning, approaching the social and spatial issues of the transformation of the city. Using different media – from inflatable textile installations to cooking performance, I develop participatory, site- specific projects together with the local community. Being based both in Vienna and Warsaw, I realise also projects in international and multicultural environment (through last years often in Caucasus- Georgia and Armenia, Middle East- Lebanon, currently also in New York).

„I think that all art is socially conscious. There is no alternative. Whatever we produce contains a political and social statement.” I strongly agree with Alfredo Jaar and further believe that a participatory and socially engaged art may contribute to actual social and political change. By not accepting the limitations that society has accepted, it can visualise alternatives and provoke to see same in new ways. According to the statement of Krzysztof Wodiczko: „just criticism is not enough, art should also propose something” I often try to merge my social design and art practice. Therefore I allow myself utopic thinking with full awarenesses of complexity of reality- following Manifesto of Agnes Denes „Seeing reality and still being able to dream”.


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