Joanna Zabielska (born in Warsaw, lives in Vienna) works at the intersection of art, design, architecture and city planning. Using a variety of media - from VR installations to inflatable sculptures to performances - she develops participatory, site-specific projects with the local community. After graduating in Spatial Planning at the Vienna University of Technology and in Social Design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, she expanded her digital skills at Digital Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and at the Tokyo University of Arts.

As an artist she was supported by SHIFT Basis.Kultur Wien, KÖR- Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Wien, MA7 Stadtteilkultur und Interkulturalität and Foreign Ministry with Austrian Cultural Forums. Being based both in Vienna and Warsaw, she has also realized projects in international and multicultural environments (throughout the last years in Caucasus- Georgia and Armenia, Middle East- Lebanon, recently also in Istanbul, New York and Tokyo).

As a freelance designer, she has collaborated with various curators, offices and institutions, including: MAK - Museum of Applied Arts, Das Metro Kinokulturhaus, Das Wien Museum, Schallaburg, NS-Dokumentationszentrum München, Das Jüdische Museum Augsburg Schwaben, Graz Museum, Museum für Geschichte Graz.
virtual reality
augmented reality
 performance visuals

 inflatable installations
 kinetic sculptures

exhibition design
digital exhibitions