what do we have in common ? 

curated by Daniel Aschwanden
in collaboration with Peter Oroszlany

The IKEA shopping mall in the north-south of Vienna provided the display for performative forms of action and intervention with a focus on the semi-public spaces that currently exist and are constantly being created, while consumer-free public spaces, are shrinking are. However, the increasing lack of public spaces makes such spaces especially socio-cultural "biotopes", which are used in many different ways. These uses are partly already included in the utilization concepts and planned. New behaviors arise, adapted to the permissive spaces within the mechanisms of consumption, which on the one hand invite people to linger by suggesting "domesticity" and the IKEA food philosophy, but on the other hand ensure that they tend to be efficient only through various measures. According to design historian Alison Clarke, consumption at IKEA is just as successful because, while it suggests being "self-expression", de facto's limitation to a limited repertoire is just the opposite. The mall has also become a temporary transit point, as many have their apartment.




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