what do we have in common ? 

supported by SHIFT
cooperation with Daniel Aschwanden
and Daniel Mikolajcak

Who would not know it, the lousy bag made from plastic fabric with the checkered pattern? It is cheap, at the same time practical and in it’s use manifold. Anyone moving houses or having to move materials of all kinds profits from its services. The bag not only carries things but also stories.

Is a bag just a bag?

We ask, as we invite participants to tell us stories. Stories we collect from families, neighbours and stories of bag- users of all background and ages. And we will start to play with them, perform with them.Which contents from the bags will surface in the shape of narratives and stories? Who is ready to share the personal ones? And which fictional ones are we able to create?

The plastic material also appears at construction sites of the rapidly growing and changing city, creating a temporary, sometimes shabby and sometimes fantastic architecture pointing at the future that points at what is to come. How will they look, the homes of the future? Along the stories of the bags, we reflect our relation to consumption, to ecology, to life in the cities, to loneliness and anonymity. We intervene on site with their installation including offering open workshops. This process started out from encounters with known and unknown people. Sewing bags and stories collectively lead to spontaneously choreographed performances. In the evening, bodies and stories alter into 3D objects and renderings are projected onto the inflated.





photos by Ed Tadevossian 


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